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Welcome to DMI Asphalt Equipment LLC



Welcome to DMI Asphalt Equipment, a family owned and operated construction and asphalt machinery sales business.

In operation over 25 years, we're proud to be one of the top names in the world when referring to asphalt, concrete &  rock crushing equipment. We produce some of the most durable and efficient asphalt and concrete plants configurations available anywhere. Our stock of new and used equipment includes asphalt plants with cold feed bins and computerized control cabins, asphalt & PMC storage tanks.  Concrete plants complete with conveyor load outs, and silos of all capacities, as well as several kinds of rock crushing machines. We also offer spare parts, asphalt & concrete testing kits, gear reducers, electric motors & starters and more.


With headquarters in Miami, Florida and branches in Colombia & Mexico  we are a globally recognized company, with strategic partnerships across the map. This allows us easy access to the gear you need without having to worry about the international communications involved with getting it delivered fast. We know how important it is to get your business the machinery and parts necessary to get working, which is why we keep a fully stocked facility with machines and parts, ready for immediate shipment. We are proud to service customers of all types, from the small contractor to government contractors, from all different places around the world. Our DMI brand has presence in more than 20 countries around the world including the  United States of America, Canada, Mexico,  Central & South  America, we also ship to customers in Africa. Our many years of experience and relationships with global shipping companies has made it possible for us to service customers anywhere in the world with their needs.


Why struggle to communicate with foreign dealers, or entrust your safety and livelihood to an anonymous seller online? DMI has a reputation of quality and great customer service, far beyond the sale. We strive to be your go-to for construction equipment, asphalt & concrete plants.

We know you work hard every single day to keep your company name associated with diligence, quality, and efficiency, and you rely on the machinery you use to get the job done right. Safety is also a chief concern for you, and the safety of your worksite, crew and clients matter to us as much as it matters to you. We may be a sales based business, but we know how your livelihood depends on our honesty. We want you to trust us when you are investing in equipment to start or grow your construction, paving, contracting, or roadwork business.

We hope you'll browse the information here on our website, and see for yourself some of the big and small jobs that we have helped our clients accomplish. DMI Asphalt Equipment wants to give you a sense of our values and dedication, and our galleries will offer a glimpse into our business. It's then you will see you're dealing with only the best brands and professionals in the industry. We invite you to contact us directly with any questions you have.

Gallery of Projects

  • Dominican Republic

    ABUJA   Nigeria

  • Honduras 3



    Playa del Carmen - Mexico

  • Chiapas Tuxtla Gutierrez MX

    Llanos Orientales Colombia

  • Guatemala


Video Gallery

  • Linnhoff Modular Asphalt Batching Plant

  • MD Concrete Mixer

  • DMI 65 Dry Run

  • Loading DMI 45 on a Trailer

  • Unloading Pump at  distance

  • Glass Crusher

  • Asphalt Dynamic-Agitators

  • Glass Crusher


  • Video LINTEC-IXON- LX  8000

asphalt Equipment

  • DMI PMAC 13.6 KP

    DMI PMAC 13.6 KP

    DMI Asphalt Storage Tank model  PMAC 13.6 K, with the following main features :   -13,600 

  • Astec Nomad

    Astec Nomad

    2019  ASTEC NOMAD 130 1 - Main unit on tandem axle chassis      Drum dryer/mixer with kn

  • RB 160 + 50T Silo

    RB 160 + 50T Silo

    1995 ADM RB 160 Portable Asphalt Plant Components Included 3 Bin Cold Feed System Weigh Conv

  • LX 5001

    LX 5001

    50 TPH counter flow portable asphalt plant.    Components Included: Three bin cold f




  • Asphalt Emulsion Plant

    Asphalt Emulsion Plant

    Asphalt Emulsion Plant  Availablle in capacities from 4 to 25 TPH   Mill  with dual intak

  • DMI 15K

    DMI 15K

    15,586 Gallon storage caoacity  Coiled  Unloading / recirculating  jacketed Pump Insulatio

  • CSD 1500

    CSD 1500

    120 TPH Containerized Asphalt BATCH Mixing Plant  -No Concrete foundations needed COLD FEED SY

  • CSD 3000

    CSD 3000

    240  TPH Containerized Asphalt BATCH Mixing Plant  -No Concrete foundations needed COLD F

  • Astec NOMAD 130 TPH

    Astec NOMAD 130 TPH

    2011 CEI Astec NOMAD 130 TPH Drum Mix Plant Equipment Included: 1- Main unit on triple axle chassis: &nbs



    Asphalt Emulsion Kit  Model E 20 CAPACITIES  to choose from 4 to  25 TPH  INCLUDES Coll

  • DMI 50T SILO

    DMI 50T SILO

    50 TON Silo + 160 TPH Dragslat  Insulation  Heated Cone (Hot oil ready) Portable with the use a

  • LX 14000S

    LX 14000S

    LX 14000S  Portable Asphalt Plant  160 TPH  -Drum Dryer Counter Flow -External Mix (twin s



    Portable tanks from 60,000 liters up tp 100,000 liters Split Asphalt/Fuel Hot Oil heater  Optional A

  • ADM SPL 160

    ADM SPL 160

    NEW ADM SPL 160 TPH portable Asphalt Plant 4 Bin Cold Feed System  All in one chassis Immediate deli

  • ASTEC DA 650

    ASTEC DA 650

    2005      ASTEC DA 650     (located NE USA)  Components included with the plant &nb

  • Lintec  Ixon  LX 4000C

    Lintec Ixon LX 4000C

    Containerized Asphalt Plant  40 TPH  Counter-flow 3 compartment bin  External mix Drag

  • Lintec Ixon  LX 8000

    Lintec Ixon LX 8000

    Portable Asphalt Plant 80 TPH  3 or 4 Cold feed bin system each with its own weight system  Drum Dr

  • Lintec Ixon  LX 12000

    Lintec Ixon LX 12000

    Portable ASphalt Plant  120 TPH  3 or 4 Cold feed bin system, each bin has its own weight system 

  • LINTEC IXON  LX 14000

    LINTEC IXON LX 14000

    Portable Asphalt Plant  140  TPH  -Drum Dryer Counter Flow -External Mix (twin shaft) & Dr

  • ADM  SPL 30

    ADM SPL 30

    ADM SPL 30 Portable Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Year of Manufacture 1998 Completely Portable Components Included



    BARBER GREENE DM 60 Drum Barber Greene DM60 - 7' x 30' with RAP collar 1984 Burner Dual Fuel / natura

  • ADM SPL 110     2009

    ADM SPL 110 2009

      2009 SPL 110  (One Owner ) ADM Drum Mixer/Dryer with Wet Scrubber and Drag Slat

  • ADM SPL 110  2

    ADM SPL 110 2

    2008 ADM SPL 110 2BCF Portable Drum Mixer and 2 Split Bins on same chassis. 80,000 Liter Asphalt Tank 600

  • CEI 1500-C

    CEI 1500-C

    Used Hot oil Heater  2003 CEI 1500 -C   1,410,000 Btu/hr Full-Modulation Burner  Jacketed fire

  • DMI 50

    DMI 50

    Portable Drum with dual pollution control system (Dry + Wet)  Portable 3 Cold Feed Bins , 9 Ton Capacity eac

  • Asphalt- DRAG SLAT PARTS

    Asphalt- DRAG SLAT PARTS

    PARTS for Asphalt and Crushing Equipment Roller Chains Drag Slat Chains Sprockets Trunnions

  • ADM SILO 125 TON

    ADM SILO 125 TON

    New ADM 125 Ton Stationary Silo   6000 Pds Enclosed Batcher 300 TPH AD

  • ADM SPL 60

    ADM SPL 60

    - 1984  ADM 60 TPH, portable,  COMPLETELY REFURBISHED 2014 includes the following components 

  • SILO


    Gencor 70 Ton Self Erect Silo System 450 TPH Drag Slat Conveyor Heated Cone and Gates Load Out Controls Power

  • Tanker


    Used 5,700 Gallons New Original Etnyre Gas Burner

  • Barber Greene  KL 35 TPH

    Barber Greene KL 35 TPH

    Barber Greene  Electric Motors 1 Split Bin ColdFeed System Bucket Elevator Double Shaft Pugmill



    We have the following types of pumps Virgin AC Pumps Ruberized Pumps Rubber Pumps Crack Sea

  • Transport Container Tank

    Transport Container Tank

    DMI 5K Asphalt Tank & DMI 6.7 K Ideal to trasnport Asphalt by ocean and also inland. Tank has a steel bar

  • Oil Heater

    Oil Heater

    HOT OIL HEATERS 1 Million BTU, 2 Million BTU & 3 Million BTU Fuel OIL , Combination Fuel Oil/Gas & Ga

  • Asphalt Lab Kit

    Asphalt Lab Kit

    Basic Asphalt Lab Kit Marshall Test Kit Electric Balance Shieves Mesh 200 up to 2" 150

  • ADM SPL110 2004

    ADM SPL110 2004

    Portable ADM SPL 110 One Split bin Drag Slat Conveyor Located in  Central America

  • ADM SPL 110 1998

    ADM SPL 110 1998

    Portable Asphalt plant with 1 Split cold feed bin , wet scrubber , drag slat with batcher ADM 10,000 Gallon AC ta

  • ADM RB160

    ADM RB160

    1987 ADM Roadbuilder 160 Drum mixer with recycle collar,  Hauck SJ-360 75MMBtu multi-fuel burner, 40,0

  • Terramite Sweeper

    Terramite Sweeper

    NEW Sweeper   8' wide , Diesel Engine , Water System   Rear & Front working lig

  • Barber Greene KA  35

    Barber Greene KA 35

    The plant is composed of 3 units: a)      Cold feed system (1 Hopper and feed conveyor)

  • DMI 100

    DMI 100

    PORTABLE  DMI 100 NEW   DMI 100 Portable asphalt plant , continues  Drum Mix including t

  • Asphalt Distributor

    Asphalt Distributor

    Capacity    300 & 575  Gallons

  • DMI 65

    DMI 65

    65 TPH Portable Drum Mix Asphalt plantwith Portable 3 or 4  bin cold feed system with variable speed feeders and

  • DMI 45

    DMI 45

      Portable 45TPH asphalt drum mix plant with one 10 Ton capacity split cold feed bin.  Dual fuel &ndash

  • PMAC 10K

    PMAC 10K

    DMI Asphalt Storage Tank model  PMAC 10K, with the following main features :   -10,000  Gallon

Concrete Equipment

  • ROSS-100


    Standard 4.5 yard Ross 100, a  10 Yard Cement Batcher was added  + a  60 ton silo that can stay with t



    Cement Silos , -All sizes , divisible Silos  -Safety Valve  -Galvanized Lader  -Minimu

  • APPCO 10Y

    APPCO 10Y

    Late 80's Appco Portable 10 Yard Batcher plant with outdated computer. Aggregate bins walls are very thin .

  • ODISA 12

    ODISA 12

      Production 150-200 cuyd (150 m3/ hr)   Cement Storage 45 ton   Aggregate batcher

  • Stephens COLT

    Stephens COLT

    Stephens Colt  low profile Decumulating Batch Plant with a charging height of 12'3"

  • Mini Central Mix

    Mini Central Mix

    2 Aggregates (8.8 Tons capacity)   load cells 1 Cubic Meter mixing capacity  2.4 minutes per cy

  • Souther  Concrete Plant

    Souther Concrete Plant

    Used 1999 Souther Concrete Plant  100 cy/h

  • Mixer Trucks

    Mixer Trucks

    2 - Peterbilt 1984 Peterbilt 10 Yard Cement Trucks. Engine: Caterpillar 3306. Transmission: Road Ranger 7 spe



    Mid 80's Ross Bandit , 5 Yard batch.  portable batch plant.  This plant has been run thru the shop

  • C 30

    C 30

    40 Cubic Yard/ hour capacity  Very easy to set up and get started Portable - Pre-wired 

  • Concrete Lab Equipment

    Concrete Lab Equipment

    Contact us with your needs of Concrete Lab equipment 

  • 4000-10


    COMPONENTES PLANTA DE CONCRETO DOSIFICADORA ODISA 4000-10 ~ Banda {Cinta) Transportadora de Agregados con motor d

  • Davino Delta

    Davino Delta

    Perkins Engine 1104D-44TA  4 Cylinders  Turbo Aftercooled Power KW/hp 83/113 @ 2200 RPM Hydrost

  • DAVINO 560.2

    DAVINO 560.2

    Perkins Engine 1104D-44TA-4 Cil. Diesel Turbo AFTR Cooler Power KW/HP 83/112@2200 rpm Hydrostatic Transmi

  • DAVINO 415.2

    DAVINO 415.2

    Self loading concrete mixer Perkins Engine 404-22-4cyl Stage 3  Power rate hp51/Kw37,3@2800 rpm 

  • DAVINO 440.2

    DAVINO 440.2

    Davino 440.2  Self loading concrete mixer – Concrete net output 2,6 m3 (3,40 cubic yards) class S1

  • Stephens 80 Y3

    Stephens 80 Y3

    Stephens 80 Yard /h  ,  350 bbl cement  Silo, twin bin  digital Read outs, twin aggregate bin

  • Concrete Plant 5LP

    Concrete Plant 5LP

      Mobile dry plant   Production 80-100 cu. yd./Hr. (60-75 m3/hr.)   No crane required



    The Self-contained Mini Concrete Plant comes standard with a 36” by 120” sand and gravel conveyor that ca

  • Mini Mixer 1Y3

    Mini Mixer 1Y3

    Portable Concrete Mixer modelo CMT 100 with reversible rotating drum mixer 4.5 Bags  (1 Y3/0.75 M3), with

  • MD Batcher

    MD Batcher

    Mini-Concrete Batcher model MD Batcher capacity is .5 m3 and can deliver 3 to 4 m3/h Hydraulic package powere

  • Concrete Plant 6000 DC

    Concrete Plant 6000 DC

      Mobile dry plant   15 Yd. Decumulative batchers   One freight only   Prod

  • Concrete Plant 6000-10

    Concrete Plant 6000-10

    Mobile dry plant Production 115 cu. yd./Hr. Load cells Pre-wired and tested One freight o

  • Concrete Plant 5000

    Concrete Plant 5000

    Stationary Batch Plant Production de 65 Yd3/Hr. Load Cells Digital Indicators 297 BBL Cem

  • Concrete Plant 4000

    Concrete Plant 4000

     Movil Batch Plant Production 60-70 cu. yd/Hr. (50m3/hr.) Load Cells Digital Indicators

  • Planta 2530

    Planta 2530

     Mobile dry plant Production 40 cu. yd./Hr. (30 m3/hr) Load cells Screw feeder Optio

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