The Different Types Of Concrete Mixers

Concrete Mixers are the heavy-duty machines used for producing concrete in a particular ratio. It has a continuously revolving drum in which cement, gravel, sand, and likewise aggregates are mixed with water. Depending on their make and slight difference in the way of functioning, Concrete Mixers can be categorized as Stationary Concrete Mixers, Portable Concrete Mixers, Rough Terrain Mixer, Volumetric Concrete Mixer and Standard Transit Mixers. Please continue reading to get a rough idea about these Concrete Mixers.

Stationary Concrete Mixers:
On an average, Stationary Concrete Mixers are used when concrete is required in large batches at a specific location. Most often, the Stationary Concrete Mixers are used to produce pre-cast concrete molds. They can ideally be used for large construction applications such as making foundations.

Portable Concrete Mixers:
Portable & Towable Concrete Mixers are mainly vehicle driven (generally truck) used for transferring concrete batches to a number of construction sites which may include roadways, pavements or sidewalks. Also known as Mobile Mixers, Portable Concrete Mixers come in different sizes and concrete mixing capacities.

Rough Terrain Mixers:
Their working of Rough Terrain Mixers is very much similar to any Standard Concrete Mixer, the main difference being that these types of Concrete Mixers can transport the mixture over rough terrains even when laden with cement. These Mixers have built-in slewing drum and can be used for mixing concrete of any grade. These types of Concrete Mixers are ideally used at remote locations; nonetheless they can be used at urban sites as well.

Volumetric Concrete Mixers:
Perfect blend of a cement mixing truck and a batching plant, Volumetric Concrete Mixers have separate compartments for storing the materials required to form concrete. The aggregates and water are measured and added to cement in Volumetric Concrete Mixers as per the requirement. Volumetric Concrete Mixers are comparatively efficient and can be transported to different construction sites quite easily. These types of Concrete Mixers too just like the Rough Terrain Mixers can be used for mixing concrete of any grade.

Standard Transit Mixers:
Standard Transit Mixers are ideal for mixing concrete in large amounts. Having built-in large moving barrels, these Concrete Mixers are ideal when ready-mix concrete is required. Usually the drums carry up to 10 cubic yards of Concrete.

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