Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Overview

The term ‘Hot Mix Asphalt Plant’ refers to a collection of equipment where different materials like – aggregates, binder & additives are mixed & blended together to make asphalt of the specified quality. Different kinds of classifications have been made, as far as Hot Mix Asphalt Plants are concerned. Here, two most basic types of classifications are discussed.

Classification Of Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

  • On The Basis Of Location
  • On The Basis Of Continuity Of Operations

According to the first classification, Hot Mix Asphalt Plants are basically of two types – portable Hot Mix Asphalt Plants & stationary Hot Mix Asphalt Plants. The stationary Hot Mix Asphalt Plants are fixed at a permanent location, while the portable Asphalt Plants can be easily moved from one site to another.

As per the second classification, i.e. on the basis of continuity of operations, the Hot Mix Asphalt Plants are of two basic types – Batch-Type Mixing Plant & Drum-Type Mixing Plant.  In the Batch-Type Mixing Plant, hot aggregate, binder & additives are mixed & asphalt is produced in a batch. On the other hand, in a Drum-Type Mixing Plant, the aggregates & additives are mixed with the binder continuously, to produce asphalt on a continuous basis.

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Buying Concrete Crushing Equipment – The Considerations

Concrete is a widely used material extensively used for construction & infrastructure building. There are several kinds of machines & equipment which are used in the process of making good quality concrete. One such equipment which is commonly seen at construction sites is the Concrete Crushing Equipment. Buying a suitable Concrete Crushing Equipment is of utmost importance to ensure that the investment does not turn out to be a loss.

Considerations That Matter When Buying Concrete Crushing Equipment

  • Total Costs Involved – Before buying any particular kind of Concrete Crushing Equipment, it is essential to estimate the total costs (both direct & indirect) involved. Indirect costs generally include – taxes, freight, installation charges, etc.). Buying Concrete Crushing Equipment can be quite a costly investment, hence it is necessary to work out the pros & cons beforehand.
  • Location Of The Project – The project location is also an important parameter when it comes to selecting an appropriate Concrete Crushing Equipment. For remote locations, choosing Portable Concrete Crushing Equipment will be the smartest decision.
  • Safety Criteria – Another essential parameter that matters when selecting the appropriate Concrete Crushing Equipment is whether it meets the safety codes specified by the local & national regulatory bodies. Are there proper safety guards incorporated in the design to prevent accidents? Are there proper attachments installed to control dust emissions & noise levels? Is there a spillage proof mechanism in place or not? These are some valid questions to ask before buying Concrete Crushing Equipment.
  • Maintenance Involved – It is essential to choose a Concrete Crushing Equipment that is not only easy to operate, but also does not require elaborate maintenance measures. Preventive maintenance is important to ensure the longevity & efficient performance of Concrete Crushing Equipment. With minimum maintenance requirements, the staff can concentrate on the production goals.

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Portable Cement Mixer Answers Your Practical Construction Need

Portable Cement Mixers are quite new to the construction scene. But due to the many advantages associated with the equipment, it has made significant inroads in quite a short period of time. Some of the highlights of the Portable Cement Mixers are mentioned in the following article.

Major Advantages Associated With Portable Cement Mixers

  • The foremost advantage of the Portable Cement Mixers is, of course, the mobility. Being portable, the Portable Cement Mixers can be easily moved from one job site to another, thus enabling them to cater effectively to the requirements of different projects. Even though the concrete is to be transferred over long distances, the concrete remains fresh.
  • Portable Cement Mixers are a cost effective concrete-making solution, as they reduce the overall construction costs to a considerable extent. Since there is no need for deploying concrete making equipment at the construction site, the related setting-up costs are reduced.
  • Yet another way in which the Portable Cement Mixers help in cutting costs is by saving on the installation costs; the labor charges related to installation is another of the costs saved.
  • The portability feature of Mobile Cement Mixers also allows optimum space utilization at the job site. This is of special significance when there is limited open space available at the construction site. At such times, easy movement of machines & equipment enables efficient functioning of all processes & work.
  • Wastage of materials is reduced to quite an extent, as the unused products can be easily used for the next project.
  • The Portable Cement Mixers are easy to operate & are equipped with controls which allow different mix settings for different operations.
  • Most Portable Cement Mixers nowadays come equipped with Scrappers, which facilitate better mixing & also reduce material wastage. The Scrapper scrapes off the concrete which is deposited on the walls of the Pan regularly, which lessens material loss to quite an extent.

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Asphalt Plant – Road Construction Machinery

The most commonly used of all kinds of Road Construction Machinery ‘Asphalt Plant’ is a machine in which Liquid asphalt stone and likewise aggregates are heated and blended to produce Asphalt (blacktop) – the material used for making roads.
Asphalt Plant: Earlier Use And The Present Scenario
In the past, an Asphalt Plant could only be used at the construction site where there was immediate requirement of Asphalt. The reason behind this was the deficiency in technology that could only be utilized to keep the blacktop at the right temperature till the time it was ready to be used. Nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology, the Asphalt Plants facilities incorporate Silos to  be used for storing asphalt for many hours and even  days before it is finally used. The Asphalt Plant made using the latest techniques consist of insulated storage towers (silos) that usually have built-in heating system. Moreover, most of the Asphalt Plants these days are based on the technology that reduces noise as well as pollution. For instance, the modern-day Asphalt Plants come with scrubbing arrangement in smokestacks averting the discharge of pollutants in the air. Similarly, special built-in dust collectors can efficiently eliminate the problem of black, dirty vapors released from these Asphalt Plants.
Different Types Of Asphalt Plant:
On the whole, Asphalt Plant can be categorized as Batch Plants and Continuous MIX. The first type of Asphalt Plant i.e. Batch plant is very precise and has  great control of the proportions of the aggregates asphalt & fillers if applicable ,this plants are much more expensive than the Continous Mix Asphalt Plants. The Continuous Asphalt Plant gives out the highest output on a continuous process and are much affordable and with today’s  newest technology they can also produce high quality asphalt.   Both types of Asphalt Plants have common features and equipment like the Cold feed bins were aggregates are stored and bitumen tanks were the liquid asphalt is stored and kept at the right temperature . Both types of plants need have a pollution control systems which are either wet scrubbers or bag house .
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