Concrete Crushing Equipment – An Introduction

With the large scale infrastructural development happening all around, different hi-tech machine and equipment are being used in the construction industry to get the work done faster & more efficiently. There are many kind of construction equipment available in the market, all of which were built with a single purpose in mind i.e. to reduce human efforts. One such equipment that is widely used in the construction industry is the Concrete Crushing Equipment.

Use Of Concrete Crushing Equipment
The Concrete Crushing Equipment is designed to be used for a variety of applications ranging from demolishing concrete buildings & structures. These Concrete Crushers are also used for cutting through reinforced concrete bars.

Types of Concrete Crushing Equipment
Depending upon the kind of crushing application, there is a wide variety of Concrete Crushing Equipment available in the market. The Concrete Crushing Equipment can be categorized into – Jaw Crushers & Cone Crushers.

  • Cone Crushers: As one can make out from the name itself, the basic shape of such a crusher is conical. The materials are fed into the crusher from the wider opening at the top & the crushed materials are ultimately filtered out through the narrow opening towards the bottom. Cone Crushers are considered quite a good investment as they ensure low operation costs & increased productivity.
  • Jaw Crushers - In a Jaw Crusher, the concrete is crushed between two powerful jaws & the crushed material filters out through the closed Jaws of this equipment. The jaws are capable of opening and closing just like the scissors’ ends. The advantage of using the Jaw crushers are the lesser expenditures related to the maintenance of the equipment. Another benefit quoted by experts includes versatility of the Jaw crushers in processing a variety of abrasive materials.

A family business based in Miami U.S, DMI Asphalt Equipment LLC is among the reputed Concrete Crushing Equipment Manufacturers here. The extensive product line of the company includes – Asphalt Plants, Concrete Plants, Tanks (Transport Tanker, Asphalt Distributor, PMAC 10K), Crushing Equipment (Sand Screws), & other equipment (Conveyor Kits, Conveyors Stackers, etc. The company stocks some of the best models of Portable Crushing Machines & has earned appreciation for dealing in eco-friendly asphalt plants. The company has a widespread client network which extends across 30 countries. Apart from its base in Miami USA, the company also has branches in Colombia & Mexico. Visit to know more.

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