Asphalt Drum Mix Plant- Overview

The Asphalt Plant, which plays an integral role in the construction sector, can be categorized in to two main types – the Batch Plant & the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant. Apart from this basic difference, the Asphalt Plants can also be classified on the basis of their installation (portable or stationery), on the basis of flow (parallel-flow or counter flow Asphalt drum plants), etc.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Vs Batch Mix Plant
Though the function of both types of Asphalt Plant is the same (i.e. to produce asphalt mix of the right consistency as per the specific needs of the project), the difference lies in the continuity of mixing operations.  As opposed to the batch-type mixing plant, in a Asphalt Drum Mix Plant the aggregate along with other materials is mixed with the binder on a continuous basis.

Operating An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant – Safety Precautions To Follow

  • Dust is a major health hazard & the mixing operations in the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant usually generate a large amount of dust. To protect the workers from respiratory conditions, the plant should be fitted with a suitable dust collection system. Such dust collection systems would prevent the dust generated during the operations from being released into the environment.
  • Noise Pollution is another health hazard. Operators working in an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are prone to hearing impairment.
  • Operators should be instructed to wear proper clothing gear before approaching the plant. Loose clothing may get caught in the pulleys (or belts, etc.) and can cause injury.
  • Any loose materials like wires, or hoses, etc. should be cleared out from the vicinity of the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant as they may cause accidents. Smoking should be strictly prohibited in the premises.

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