Components & Operation Of Asphalt Plants

An Asphalt Plant is a combination of multiple mechanical and electronic units where a series of processes including drying, heating, blending, and mixing of aggregates with binder and other additives is carried out to form asphalt mixture. Asphalt Plants are available in several configurations. Broadly, they can be classified into two categories namely, Stationary Asphalt Plants and Portable Asphalt Plants. Asphalt Plants are also categorized as Batch Plants and Drum Mix Plants

  • Batch Mix Asphalt Plants
    In case of Batch Mix Plants, specific proportions of hot aggregates and binder are added to prepare one batch. After the process of blending, the asphalt mixture is discharged in one batch. This is not a continuous process.
  • Drum Mix Asphalt Plants
    In Drum Mix Asphalt Plants, blending of aggregates and binders takes place by means of a continuous process in a rotating drum.

Asphalt Plants: Components
An Asphalt Plant comprises of the following main units: Cold aggregate storage bins, vibrating screen, drying drum, filtration or pollution control system, asphalt load out conveyor , computerized metering and mixing system and in most cases a mixed material storage silo. A series of processes takes place in all these units to yield a uniform asphalt mixture.
Asphalt Plants: Operation
Irrespective of the type of Asphalt Plant used, the purpose is to prepare uniform asphalt mixture. The process of preparing asphalt mixture more or less remains the same in different types of Asphalt Plants. The process begins with cold aggregate feeding. Aggregates in different sizes (sizes depend on specific road requirements) are weighed and sampled to ensure uniformity and balance in the preparation. The process is followed by drying and heating of the aggregates, and immediately after the liquid asphalt is pumped to blend both materials. During the whole process, weight and proportion of aggregates, weight of asphalt content and mixing temperature are strictly monitored. After the mixing process is over, the asphaltic concrete is directed to load out conveyor set up with a  batcher  and eventually into the trucks, or in cases that asphalt storage silos are present the load out conveyor lifts the material to the Silo that is well above ground.

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