Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Overview

The term ‘Hot Mix Asphalt Plant’ refers to a collection of equipment where different materials like – aggregates, binder & additives are mixed & blended together to make asphalt of the specified quality. Different kinds of classifications have been made, as far as Hot Mix Asphalt Plants are concerned. Here, two most basic types of classifications are discussed.

Classification Of Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

  • On The Basis Of Location
  • On The Basis Of Continuity Of Operations

According to the first classification, Hot Mix Asphalt Plants are basically of two types – portable Hot Mix Asphalt Plants & stationary Hot Mix Asphalt Plants. The stationary Hot Mix Asphalt Plants are fixed at a permanent location, while the portable Asphalt Plants can be easily moved from one site to another.

As per the second classification, i.e. on the basis of continuity of operations, the Hot Mix Asphalt Plants are of two basic types – Batch-Type Mixing Plant & Drum-Type Mixing Plant.  In the Batch-Type Mixing Plant, hot aggregate, binder & additives are mixed & asphalt is produced in a batch. On the other hand, in a Drum-Type Mixing Plant, the aggregates & additives are mixed with the binder continuously, to produce asphalt on a continuous basis.

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