Concrete Crushing Equipment

Nowadays, cost-cutting has emerged as an apt weapon to attain success & to remain competitive, & this holds true of the construction industry too. Industrialists are eager to move ahead by using recycled concrete for different construction projects. They have understood the idea that by using the recycled concrete, they can considerably bring down the construction costs. Well, this is where the role of Concrete Crushing Equipment comes into play. The Concrete is first gathered from various destruction sites (sites which have undergone demolition) and then is put through Concrete Crushing Equipment.

Concrete Crushing Equipment: How It Works?
The concrete that can be put through the Concrete Crushing Equipment usually has to be uncontaminated. This simply means that it should be free of wood, paper, litter and likewise materials. Supporting rods made of iron or steel such as rebar can be put through Concrete Crushing Equipment because they can be detached with the help of magnets and other sorting mechanism without needing many efforts. After the used concrete or concrete debris is put through the Concrete Crushing Equipment, the mixture is sorted on the basis the size of the chunks. The large chunks are again sent through the Concrete Crushing Equipment so that they can be crushed more finely. After the process of crushing is completed and the crushed concrete is kept aside, the remaining particles are finally sieved out through a number of processes that include hand-picking as well as water flotation.

Portable Crushing Machine:
Crushing the concrete at the main construction location using Portable Crushing Machine lessens construction costs to a great extent. Level of pollution caused by a Portable Crushing Machine is lesser as compared to that emitted due to shifting material to and from a mine. Furthermore, large Portable Crushing Machine can crush the concrete almost up to 600 tons per hour and even more depending on the efficiency level. The Portable Crushing Machine usually consists of side ejection conveyor, a rubble crusher, display plant, and a conveyor to recycle the oversize concrete chunks.

Other types of Concrete Crushing Equipment:
Among the Stationary &  Portable Crushing Machines, there are Impact Crushers, Jaw Crushers, Cone Crushers, Vertical and Horizontal Impactors and several other types of Concrete Crushing Equipment, which are compact and autonomous. These Concrete Crushing Machines are efficient enough to crush up to 150 tons of concrete per hour.

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